Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain'

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Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain'

Post by apollo » Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:22 am

This has a lot of potential for good or for evil that most people can not even begin to fathom.

Who decides what information people get?

Will some people get 'better' more accurate information than others?

How will it be determined in the information is even remotely correct. Do not assume that teaching correct information is obvious. There are countries who's national approved education system teach their school children very incorrect information. One example the moon is a natural light source producing its own light. Or one can contract an illness from a person or animal that is not infected nor a carrier of the illness.

Or on the other hand what happens if the people are 'programmed' with knowledge that - it is always wrong to challenge corruption.

Or perhaps a sleeper program to cause the person to eliminate anyone that attempts to challenge illegal activities of Government approved operations.

Again this has the potential for a lot of good. It also has the potential to make 'MK-Ultra' project look like a Sunday afternoon pallor game.

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