Why Muhammad Loves Me Most?

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Why Muhammad Loves Me Most?

Post by brownangel » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:40 am

While the article is about Islam the author makes some interesting points to consider regarding heaven and hell.

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Why Muhammad Loves Me Most?

by alisina · July 21, 2013

Today it occurred to me that I am the most loved person by Muhammad. No I am not kidding.

I have dedicated my life to combat Islam and get the world rid of this curse that has brought nothing but misery and pain to countless souls for so many centuries. I am working hard to help Muslims see the truth and leave their religion of hate and violence. So why would Muhammad love me? Am I not undoing what he did? How can he love me more than anyone else?

I don’t believe God has a hell to burn humans. This goes against the nature of God. If God is love and God’s love is unconditional, then hell is incompatible with the nature of God.

However, this does not mean that hell does not exist. You see, even though God does not punish people and has no torture chambers, as Muhammad described them, it does not mean that we don’t punish ourselves.

As I said in the previous article, Should We Fear God?, this world is an illusion. This is what physicists in the 21st century are telling us. We are not here. We are in the matrix in a very different dimension, remotely controlling our 3D hologram that we call our body. At a point in time, this hologram that makes our physical body will stop responding to our commands and we lose its control. Nothing happens to us, our memory and our awareness are not affected. It is like your car stop working while you are driving it. You get out of it. You look at it for outside. It seems strange, because you are used to be inside it. But you are still you. Nothing is changed. You just don’t have your car. At first we may not even realize that we have lost control of our body. In fact we may discover we have gained some cool abilities such as flying and we may wonder how can we do that. When we look at our body from outside and see it lying there motionless, and recognize it as our own body, we become aware that we are dead. At this moment, suddenly, the illusion of this world disappears. It is like waking up from a dream. We become conscious of what we did and how we played our game of life. This moment of awakening can be exhilarating and joyous or it can be painful and remorseful. It depends on how we lived this life and what we did with it. God will continue loving us. He will forgive us no matter what because that is His nature. But whether we would forgive ourselves or not is another matter.

In this world, sociopaths have no conscience. They do evil and don’t feel the pain that they cause to others. One characteristic of sociopaths and malignant narcissists, is lack of empathy. It is not that they are not aware that they are hurting others. They just don’t care and even enjoy it. It gives them a sense of power to see others scream and suffer. Muhammad was fully aware that what he was doing to others was evil. He raided, massacred and looted thousands of people, but when a few Bedouins killed one of his men and stole a few of his stolen camels, he sent men after them, captured them, cut their extremities and left them in the sun to slowly die. He stole the wealth of others but said if anyone steals from the stolen property he will go to hell. He had awareness but no conscience.

Once we die, we wake up from this dream we call life and we will see what we have wrought. That is the time that we will be filled with guilt, remorse and shame, or elation. We will realize how much we screwed up the privilege of living this life and what a rare opportunity we missed to evolve spiritually. We become aware of the extent of the suffering we caused.

In this world we have the illusion of being distinct and separate individuals. In the real world (in the spiritual world), this distinction is blurred. We will live the pain that we caused to others in our own soul. The pains of our victims become ours. You might have heard, what you do to others you do it to yourself. Well, this is the reality in the other world. We actually live the experiences of those with whom we come in contact in this world. If we love them, we feel that love, and if we hurt them we experience that hurt.

This physical world has its laws. We know about gravity. If you drop yourself from a height, you get hurt. No one is punishing you and no amount of prayers can save you. The law of gravity takes care of you and this law applies to everyone. The next world has its laws. In that world we become one. We live each others’ experiences. We can see each others’ thoughts and feel each others’ feelings. I I have made you happy here, I will feel that exact feeling of happiness in the other world. It just boomerangs back to me. If I caused you pain, I will experience that pain in my own soul. That is what we know as paradise and hell. There are no brothels or torture houses in the next world. Whatever we did to others boomerangs back to us. There is no judgement. But we will experience that feelings we brought in others. And that is because our souls are one. And whatever we do to others, we actually do to ourselves. If my right hand pinches my left hand, the pain is felt in all my body. My left hand and right hand are not distinct from each other. Likewise our spiritual essence is all one reality.

Now imagine if you were a mass murderer in this world. You will then carry the pain of all your victims and their loved ones. You will live their pain. But what if your name is Hitler or Muhammad? How much pain did you cause in this world? How much suffering did you bring to others? Hundreds of millions of people? No the victims of Muhammad exceed billions and still counting. He feels the pains of all these people. This is unbearable. I have hurt feelings out of ignorance and even though years have passed I am still pained every time I think about it. My remorse is not going to help me because once I leave the illusion of this body, I will feel those hurts feelings that I caused again. The information does not get lost. Nothing is deleted. I did not kill anyone. I did not cheat anyone. I did not harm anyone. I hurt feelings with my unkind words. And now that I am aware I know I am going to feel all the hurts I caused. But I also did good things and loved. I am going to feel that too. I hope they overshadow the hurt that I caused. How can Muhammad endure the pain that he has caused to billions of his victims? He must feel the pains of those who were hurt also by his followers. He is ultimately responsible for what they do. If you do evil, because I convinced you to do it, both you and I are guilty.

We come to this world to love. That is the sole reason for this universe. Instead, Muhammad promoted hate. He lied, deceived, raided, looted, murdered, enslaved, raped and committed all sorts of heinous crimes and despicable acts that no animal would commit, all for the lust of power and vainglory. Now that he is dead and his veils of distinction are removed, he has become aware of what he has done. In this world the lust for power had blinded him. In the other world he is fully conscious of his evil actions and their consequences. He lives them through and experiences each and every one of them in his soul.

God will forgive even Muhammad. But he will feel those pains. He must be hiding far away from God and far away from God is hell. Hell is where love does not exist.

For every action there is a reaction. If we sow the seeds of love, we harvest love and if we sow the seeds of hate we reap hate. Like a stone that creates ripples when thrown in a pond, our deeds reverberate even after we die, sometimes for centuries and millennia.

I wondered how long will Muhammad’s torments last. It dawned on me that as long as people are victimized by his lies he will feel their torments. Suddenly, I realized I am Muhammad’s best hope. By exposing his lies and ending the evil that he brought to this world I am setting him free from his eternal torment. This is the only chance he has to get out of his hell. Do you see now why he is praying for my success?

Forty innocent high-school students were massacred a couple of weeks ago in Nigeria. They were killed by the followers of Muhammad who believe in his lies that all knowledge that is not in the Quran is satanic (Taghooti) and Jaheliyah. Forty families will grieve for the rest of their lives. Muhammad will feel and carry the pain of each and every one of them. When Muslims murder innocent people in the name of Muhammad and his bogus Allah, they do it to themselves and also to Muhammad.

He will remain in hell as long as there are people who commit evil in his name. We can set him free if we end the evil that he has unleashed. Muslims have been invoking peace on their prophet for 1400 years, but his soul will keep burning in hell as long as his lies continue victimizing people. The only way that he can have peace is if his cult is eradicated and his evil influence is ended.

The pains caused by Hitler are over. He will one day be set free from his torment. But the sufferings caused by Muhammad are mounting. He must be in the worst hell. Let us have mercy on him. Once we get rid of his evil influence, he can set himself free from the fire of remorse that is consuming his soul.

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