List of Demons and information regarding preferred areas of operation attributed to each.

Much of the information has been gathered/copied from several sources. most notably Goetia, dictionaire infernal, the gods of hell, various 'book of shadows', grimoires, etc.

Our intent is not to promote demons or demonology, but rather to understand the enemy and their strategies in order to better defend against them.

Special note: many of the groups/books we gathered/copied information from claim demons are not really bad. I would ask everyone to think about how many con-artists seem bad/evil until after they have everything they can get from their victim? Also note a large number of the demons seem to specialize in rhetoric or saying whatever it takes (true or false or more often lies woven in between truths) in order to get what they want.

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MURMUR, or MURMUS. - The Fifty-fourth Spirit is called Murmur, or Murmus, or Murmux. He is a Great Duke, and an Earl; and appeareth in the Form of a Warrior riding upon a. Gryphon, with a Ducal Crown upon his Head. There do go before him those his Ministers, with great Trumpets sounding. His Office is to teach Philosophy perfectly, and to constrain Souls Deceased to come before the Exorcist to answer those questions which he may wish to put to them, if desired. He was partly of the Order of Thrones, and partly of that of Angels. He now ruleth 30 Legions of Spirits.

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Zodiac Position: 25-29 degrees of Sagittarius December 17th-21st
Tarot Card: 10 of Rods
Candle color: Dark blue
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Plant: Parsley
Metal: Gold
Rank: Duke/Earl

Murmur is a Night Demon and rules 30 legions of spirits.
He was of the Order of Thrones and partly of that of Angles.
He teaches philosophy and makes the souls of the dead appear and answer questions.

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