steps to register. (what we ask for and what will happen)

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steps to register. (what we ask for and what will happen)

Post by admin » Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:47 am

Steps of our registration process.

1: click on the register link.
2: standard required terms
(basically you are responsible for what you do, we take no responsibility for actions of others, cookies are used, and we can and will delete posts at our discretion)
if you agree click
I agree to these terms
3: User information:
you will be asked for the folloing

email address:

Language:British English (fixed can not be changed)

My timezone: (optional setting)
current time: (optional setting)

Confirmation of Registration
random question
This random question is an attempt to stop bots and step one to stop spammers.
Questions usually have obvious answers or should be answerable by anyone with at least grade school education.

Click submit when finished

4: now the waiting part of the process. Sorry but as an attempt to keep out the more creative spammers, we do a manual activation.
(translation, it takes a while to get activated.) However, we are looking at options to make this process easier for everyone.
However for now with only a few new members a month the manual process seems to work fine.

5: Last part of the process until we have seen that you are not posting spam, your first few posts must be manually approved before they will be shared on the board. (after we are comfortable that you will not be spamming or breaking other board rules we will lift the restrictions on your account.

Yes I know all this is a pain, but alas thanks to a few low life scum bags we have to be restrictive, or we end up doing nothing but deleting spam.

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