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When police, law makers, judges, government departments break and ignore the law they have sworn to uphold, then there isn't any law - just a fight for survival.

These days so many governments around the planet seem to be having a lot of trouble following their own rules, and seem to believe in selective enforcement, this section is here to try to help people find ways (preferably non-violent ways) to survive the tyranny.

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covid 19 links -

Post by snafu » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:18 am

This is a list of links to various comments about the latest threat to the world. ... erts-show/

Event 201 and Patient Zero, December 12, 2019: ... oundation/

Event 201 & Melinda Gates: ... -planning/

2019 World Military Games in Wuhan, same day as Event 201: ... r-18-2019/

Dean Koontz and the coronavirus outbreak: ... 2020-news/

Read about Tom Hanks coronavirus blues “201” letter: ... lluminati/

Read about Event 201 & World Economic Forum: ... itzerland/

Kobe Bryant buried in Corona del Mar: ... alifornia/

Read about Channel 121, the “Coronavirus Outbreak” channel: ... -outbreak/

Science changes the date of patient zero to December 1, 2019: ... ch-9-2020/

CNN calls Seattle epicenter of Coronavirus, March 7, 2020: ... -hysteria/

Saudi Arabia contributes to falling “Wuhan markets”: ... l-markets/

Trump’s March 11 travel ban: ... demic-day/

Tom Hanks, Sleepless in Seattle and his coronavirus diagnosis: ... h-11-2020/

WHO declares coronavirus pandemic on March 11, 2020: ... -to-do-so/

Justin Trudeau’s wife tests positive for coronavirus on March 11, 2020: ... h-12-news/

NBA suspends season March 11, 2020 because of Rudy Gobert: ... s-illness/

NBA’s Donovan Mitchell diagnosed with coronavirus: ... h-madness/

March Madness says no fans on March 11, 71st day of the year: ... h-11-2020/

Disneyland’s coronavirus related closure: ... h-12-2020/

Rick Cotton of NY Port Authority tests positive for coronavirus: ... ch-9-2020/

Andrew Cuomo calls on National Guard on 25-year anniversary of the release of the film Outbreak: ... -outbreak/

Death of Seventh Seal Actor: ... ch-8-2020/

Pope Francis ‘apocalypse’ headlines: ... pocalypse/

Dow falls 1911 points February 24 and 25: ... 1910-1911/

WHO tells world to prepare for pandemic on 56th day, Feb. 25: ... -to-do-so/

Microsoft XBOX’s “A Plague’s Tale” video game released in 2019: ... e-seattle/

Simpson’s episode Marge in Chains, May 6, 1993: ... -simpsons/

First case of Wuhan outside China, January 21, 2020: ... y-21-2020/ ... acy-2020-1 ... index.html ... 153853.php ... -symptoms/ ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html ... 2f93a.html ... -pandemic/ ... ic-agenda/ ... index.html

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